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Castor Oil
We provide Castor Oil  are enriched with essential unsaturated fatty acid. They are effective in treating hair loss and multiple sclerosis, and are associated with numerous health benefits. Plus, they are used as one of the key ingredients of beverage and baked items.
Animal Feed Meal
Feed your animals by using our high grade quality Animal Feed Meals which are available in two types. They are cost effective, convenient to store for longer period, free from impurities, etc. Also, they are appreciated for their high nutritional value, original taste and low moisture content.
Fuel Pellet
Use our superior quality of Fuel Pellets which are renewable, cost stable, sustainable, convenient and many more. They are available in different types, qualities, etc, and are highly appreciated by our valued client.
Hydroxy Stearic Acid
Available in the form of flakes, hydroxy stearic acid is mainly used in cosmetics industry. It is used as an ingredient that works as a surfactant-cleansing agent.
Rapeseed Meal
Rich in protein, glucosinolates and fiber, rapeseed meal is used as an animal feed. This can be given to livestock in poultry and dairy farms. Other than this, it can be used in farming as a manure.

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